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CAMSDATA combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyse change and deliver results. We work with clients to develop and implement digital transformation strategies that impact their products and business models.

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Solutions And Focus Areas

Enabling Digital Transformation

Data Analytics

For an organization to transform in this digital era, it needs to build its transformation model around the key asset ‘Data’. Data and Analytics has become the core DNA around which the customers are transforming themselves.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines

Cyber Security

The cyber world is changing faster than the security and this leaves us vulnerable to cybercrimes.


In today’s world, every business conversation revolves around CAMS – Cloud, Analytics, Mobility and Security, that empowers enterprises to transform their businesses by speeding up digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and reduces time-to-market.

Application Development

To compete in today’s fast-moving world, IT enterprises must deploy new technologies rapidly to help grow their businesses while controlling IT costs.

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