Helping organisastions gain better access


Our Technology Consulting Services provide a broad spectrum of staffing solutions in information technology and related technical disciplines.

CAMSDATA provides organizations with scalable IT staffing solutions to address critical gaps in their current workforce and augment workforce management strategies.

Complementing their staffing solutions with deliverable-based services enables CAMSDATA to also help organizations drive better business performance.

CAMSDATA specializes in CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, Security) skill disciplines across the entire IT project lifecycle and services all industries and sub-sectors.

This commitment to specialization strengthens our client relationship.

We believe in being a complete partner to both our clients and our resources. From connecting IT professionals to local opportunities to onboarding new hires and conducting regular evaluations against our clients' goals, we are equipped to support all aspects of our resources careers and our clients' workforces.

Value Added Services
  • CAMSDATA provides additional project efficiencies and cost savings for our clients through our value added services offerings.
  • We take an innovative consulting approach to each client project and determine the CAMSDATA resources best suited for client success.
Our Approach

We build trust Not with words, but with actions that lead to positive results.

We adapt Business constantly changes. And we're specifically built to give clients the flexibility to keep up.

We cultivate Creative minds need to evolve. That's why we match the talents' skills to rewarding assignments and jobs.

We are a Contingent Workforce Management service provider helping organizations gain better access to talent through the use of contract resources & consultants.

As a solution based company, we provide the expertise, the technology and processes to help you to increase your visibility, reduce your costs, mitigate against misclassification and co-employment risks and increase the efficiency and timeliness of your contingent recruitment process.

Why you need our contract resources / Business Solutions

Today’s younger generation of highly skilled and high-performing workers are trading job security for more freedom, fast-track growth and substantial tax savings by joining the flexible workforce. Organizations who wish to tap the best and brightest must increasingly turn to independent contractors to fulfil their talent requirements.

How It Works

An arms-length relationship that protects your business

We screen and evaluate them, ensure that they are actually qualified to be classified as an independent contract resource, and manage the full contract lifecycle.

The Key Benefits

Access to a vast pool of quality talent

The best and brightest resources without misclassification risks;

On-going compliance with all local and statuaries

We stay current with the changing regulatory landscape and continuously update our contingent workforce management

In-depth background checks

We screen our resources according to your requirement: from drug testing to security clearance and education & employment

Full indemnification

You are totally protected and indemnified. We assume the risk.

Extensive eligibility validation: our rigorous 6-step process

More than just a cursory overview. We dig deep to ensure that each resource is actually qualified to be classified as an Independent resource.